10 Best Affiliate Marketing Plugins for your WordPress Website

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Plugins for your WordPress Website

A lot of us love to write and publish blogs via which we would like to express ourselves. It is a very fun and satisfying practice and also helps to connect with other people who share the same mentality.

Enjoyable as it maybe, but what if I told you, you could make money from your passion? Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?

Money and Passion! If you are interested, let me introduce you to ‘Affiliate Marketing’.

Affiliate marketing is a big boy term which basically refers to a method of marketing and trying to earn money through one’s content.

The method is as simple as it sounds. All you need are the right tools for the job. For that, we have Affiliate Marketing Plugins.

To start earning money, you need to join up with a program and put one of their links on your web page and you’re ready to start off.

If you really want to be serious and want to become a semi or complete professional, there are a lot more things which you need to work upon.

When the number of links and post are few, they are easy to manage.

But if there are hundreds of links and blogs, it gets really confusing and manual is not enough at that point.

But have no fear.

I am here to guide you through the list of options you can utilize and you could take up on the one you think, suits you the most.

So, here we go:



ThirstyAffiliates is the best Affiliate Marketing Plugin for WordPress users. First of all, this tool helps you reduce the size of those URLs on your blog.

No more hassles from those long, confusing URLs. Secondly, it lets you manage the links provided by the programs you have joined up with.

When you are managing links on your page, you need to log into each of these programs before you make these changes.

ThirstyAffiliates has a dropdown link inserter option. This enables you to manage these links via ThirstyAffiliates and lets you make these changes on all your posts.

I feel the biggest advantage of ThirstyAffiliates is that, if you wish to change or edit a link down the road, the tool lets you do it on itself, so that that it can apply these changes on all of your blogs instead of you having to manually change them one by one on each blog.

The Pro version comes at $29-$49 per year, depending on the services you choose to purchase.

Pretty Link

Pretty Link

Pretty links have the same basic nature as ThirstyAffiliates but it does come with its own set of features. This tool lets you set parameters to your link and lets you choose how to redirect them, once clicked (via 301, 302 or 307).

But the most amazing feature of Pretty Link is Stat tracking. This feature lets you see which links are clicked and how often they are clicked. This lets you keep track of the most valuable links on your blog.

In the paid version of this Affiliate Marketing Plugin, you can automatically add links, redirect users based on their locations, delay redirects and even import or export your affiliate links. The pro version comes at only $47 a year.

Thrive Leads

thrive leads

Now that managing links is under your control, the next most important issue is getting those links accessed by viewers. Getting clicks is the most important part of this venture.

Thrive Leads is the tool to use to help in this aspect.

Thrive Leads helps to create an email list. This list can be created by adding users who have registered on offers or promotions which can come on your website by means of pop-ups, ribbons, slide -ins, marquee texts and many others.

Thrive Leads also has a very nice feature called Smartlinks. When a user comes to your website to view your content, this feature checks if the user is registered or not.

If he/she is registered, then an offer is displayed which is at the user’s discretion to opt or not.

If the viewer is an unregistered individual, then an option to register is displayed. This helps in optimizing the list of possible targeted viewers.

Amazon Link

Amazon Link

When this plugin is set up, it asks you to assign your default country and also the IDs of relevant Amazon websites.

This feature is present to ensure that you earn a commission when there are international visitors to your site.

With Amazon Links, you not on collect commissions for every product recommended by your site but also when a transaction is completed.

For Amazon promotion, you could insert highlighted texts, display Images or one of many templates you could choose from.

  1. Buy from Amazon button
  2. Amazon product banners
  3. MP3 clips widget
  4. Wishlist

There are options to add custom templates.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

For WordPress users, Google Analytics is the most powerful analytic plugin. It helps to keep count of the number of viewers on your WordPress website.

It is not just a counting program. Google Analytics lets you analyze the pattern of advertisements and their frequency of visits on each offer.

It also lets you run split tests, track links, goals, track conversions. Basically, it lets you see how users interact with your website.

Affiliates Manager

Affiliates Manager

With this Affiliate Marketing Plugin, you can set parameters and track your affiliates. You can also recruit and manage these affiliates using Affiliates Manager.

It gives you the option to integrate this program into your existing e-commerce solution and allows you to regulate every affiliate with different payout rates.

With each registration, you can choose whether you would like a fixed amount per registration or a percentage of the sale made through your blog. Dozens of add-ons are available for use as well.



AdRotate is a full-service advertising management plugin. Basically, it allows you to optimize the ads displayed on your website.

Although it does support publishing Networks like AdSense and Doubleclick, it also allows you to publish your own ads.

It allows you to rotate the display schedule of your ads so that you can keep track of the ads which are more popular amongst viewers.

With the pro version of AdRotate, you are allowed to Geo-target your advertisements.

These ads are not just bound to countries, you can also specify cities if you want. In the case of static ads on your website, AdRotate allows the best way to manage these ads. The pro versions cost just $29 per site.

WP in Post Ads

WP In Post Ads

Unlike AdRotate, which deals with ads throughout the entire WordPress site, WP is Post Ad is an Affiliate Marketing Plugin which deals specifically with ads in your post.

This means you get to choose the positions on your post where you would like the ads to appear; above the content, below the content or after a specific number of paragraphs.

WP in post ads allows split tests which show the highest performing ads. This Plugin also lets you hide ads from viewers who have already opted for one of the offers.

It lets display the ads you want to the unregistered users and not the ones who have already paid for it.

The best feature about it is that you can choose when and the duration of the ads on your WordPress site.



AffiliateWP is a bit different from the rest of the Affiliates Marketing Plugin. Instead of promoting offers and ads from other companies, AffiliateWP lets you create your own affiliation program with the help of WordPress.

This tool is useful for those bloggers who want to expand and offer tutorials or online courses based on the subject of their blogs.

It is definitely a useful tool for those who want to make more money by inviting more customers for the product or the service you are willing to sell.

Auto Affiliate Links

Auto Affiliate Links

This plug-in, when incorporated to your WordPress Blogging platform, automatically adds affiliate links to your content and also associate keywords to them to be detected by web crawlers.

This also helps getting listed in a search engine through a keyword search. The programme is very flexible as it provides both the options for adding the links and keywords manually as well as generate and display the links automatically.

In case you choose to add the links manually, it allows you to make the links nofollow or dofollow, to open in new page or same page and to cloak the links. The limit of links can be set on range from “very low” (1 link) to “very high” (5 links)  for every article.

For the auto-generated links are added through javascript,hence there’s no worrying regarding nofollowing and search engines.

These are the top Affiliate Marketing Plugins in the market and I hope I have been able to explain how each works.

Everything has its unique set of advantages.

You are at liberty to choose anyone one of these.

Passion and profession can mean a single thing for you now. Try the free versions and get a hold of the functionality.

Test as many as possible. Once you feel you are comfortable with one, buy the full version and go pro.

Enjoy working! Good luck guys.

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I’m Jane, the owner of Best Hosting And Design, where I help bloggers and website owners to create and maintain their websites. Check out the services I offer here so you can make use of them. For cutting-edge business tips, please head over to Jane Sheeba.

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Robin Khokhar - May 9, 2017 Reply

Hi Jane,
There are many plugins which I have not used from the list above, I will them for sure.
Thanks for the share.

Manoj - May 13, 2017 Reply

Hi Jane,

Awesome collection. I am already using AdRotate which is a good advertisement solution for WordPress blogs. Affiliate WP is also on my favorites list and should use if you are serious about affiliate marketing.

Have a nice week ahead.

Odira Ndubuisi - May 15, 2017 Reply

Great list Jane.
Haven’t heard about most of this plugin though I’m familiar with pretty link. I use that on all my blog I monetize with affiliate and I can testify it is a great tool.

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Thank you for your insights on this.
Evey day new challenges but I can not give up, Please Keep doing this worthy work and updating me.
I am new in this era and facing some problem like traffic, links, time management etc but after reading this information I get a lot of confidence, really you help me a lot. Keep doing this within work and updating me.

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