5 Genesis Child Themes I Like The Most And Why!

5 Genesis Child Themes I Like The Most And Why

I’m a HUGE fan of Genesis themes. I have the pro plus package and have access to all the Genesis child themes that are available.

And so, I am a lot confused naturally when it comes to choosing one.

Luckily(ahem) I have multiple online businesses and hence multiple websites – so I need more than one child themes to choose from!

The most pertinent question that bothered me was which amongst the many Genesis child themes I should pick to make my blogs look perfect.

This issue bothered me to such an extent because how a blog looks goes a long way in determining its success.

However, with the great variety available to choose from, I had real difficulty while trying to pick one of the many Genesis child themes available.

I did my fair share of research and reached a conclusion.

To make your life simpler, here are the five best Genesis child themes according to me and choosing one of these is unlikely to disappoint you in the long run.

I’ll highlight the pros of all of them and you can take your decision after thorough inspection of the themes.

Magazine pro

magazine pro

One of the very first design templates, this theme (Magazine Pro) still sticks out as one of the best.

This is best suited for those trying to create a blog or an online magazine. The various reasons behind this are:

  • In today’s digital age with everyone owning a smart phone or other mobile gadgets, they access internet through these only. Being mobile friendly is one the key things that a blog theme should boast of, especially in the context of a blog or online magazine. This theme is ideal for a mobile and is extremely responsive in this regard too.
  • Being a part of the Genesis child themes family, it also has high security and cannot be hacked easily.
  • A highly minimal design with a lot of white and grey lets your site look very clean. Breathing space is crucial and a cluttered look drives away visitors instantly.
  • You can upload even high resolution pictures with much ease.
  • Superior SEO features that help the site rank higher than others on search engine searches.
  • It loads fast and has many options to customize. A blog should fit all your personal wishes first and this theme allows you to do just that.

Simply pro

simply theme

Simply pro is a theme with some very good features, this is also perfect for all kind of bloggers out there.

  • Graceful and feminine, it has a minimal theme that keeps your blog neat.
  • Complete control of the different features which helps you customize your blog to a great degree.
  • There are absolutely no limits or boundaries about how many times you can use this theme on how many different domains.
  • Good SEO optimization and mobile friendly aspects of this theme also contribute in making this theme one of the best Genesis child themes.

Parallax pro

parallax pro

Parallax pro is a high on style quotient theme. This is perfect for those looking for a lot of user engagement on their websites.

This theme is different from the others in some ways and this adds to it’s bonuses. These are:

  • This theme holds the attention of a visitor longer than other sites. This occurs because the text on screen moves much slower than the images in the background.
  • It loads quicker than other themes as it is not overburdened with unnecessary features.
  • A high degree of customization is possible with five color options, different header options and more.
  • The call to action button makes a great deal of difference for every website and this is one feature where this theme definitely triumphs over others. Here, a very powerful call to action button makes it visible striking to the reader and is more likely to make him press on it.
  • Detailed and graphic tutorials will help you set it up properly.

Wellness pro

wellness pro

Wellness pro is a very simple to use theme. This genesis child theme gives your website a whole new look. The many pros of this theme are:

  • It can be used as the landing page of your website.
  • You get three layouts to pick from and each of them is attractive and engaging.
  • The home page has features that allow you to have various different contents in blocks. You can have your introduction a button for call to action, promotion and more in different sections which are neatly organized.
  • A white background neutralizes every experiment that you might want to conduct on the website.
  • The genesis framework child themes work on the special framework that is lightweight, and boost performance greatly.
  • Even though you cannot make very drastic changes, you can customize various aspects.

Digital Pro

digital pro

Digital Pro is perfect for a tech blog of anything that has something to do with the digital sphere.

  • Ideal for any ecommerce site, it can accommodate very prominent call to action buttons that enhance the user experience greatly.
  • It is very easy to handle and manage this theme. There is no additional menu that appears after you install this premium theme making it easier for you to handle. Widgets and other user friendly aspects make this theme extremely simple to use.
  • You can make custom landing pages on your sites making it very attractive.
  • The many areas allocated for widgets make sure you have all your widgets in place. You also have the option of having three footers on your website.
  • There are also unlimited color options that make this theme very unique.

Almost all Genesis child themes come in built with a number of beneficial features that help boost your website’s functionality in many ways.

If you choose one of them, you website theme will be a good one. However, do your research carefully before buying one.

Changing a theme later takes an undue amount of effort, time and money so it is better to do it well once. This is the theme you will have to stick with for a while so choose wisely.

Figure out your website’s top priorities first and then choose.

Each of these offers a great deal of customizations and so you will definitely find something to fit your taste perfectly.

A high degree of sophistication coupled with great features and style, these themes will attract visitors and keep them hooked to your website.

No matter what Genesis child theme you choose, you can customize it to your own taste. We will help you with that (just contact us here).

We also help you switch themes and get your site the desired look when you install a new theme.

Just installing a ready made theme most probably will not give you the desired look – even the ones you see on their demo pages.

In order to make your website look as per your expectations, you must choose to customize!

You can either have your site customized with a child theme you choose or get one designed from scratch by us. Your choice!

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