You are doing it all wrong! Here’s how to get more blog traffic

ou are doing it all wrong! Here’s how to get more blog traffic

This is not yet another post that shares hundreds of tips to get more website traffic. I am serious!

You would have already heard a LOT of advice on traffic generation. And you’re still reading this post.

This means you still haven’t got what you wanted. But it is tricky with traffic (and money). It is never enough, right?

You always want more. So do I!

In this post I am not going to bore you with stuff you normally hear.

I am going to give you some tips that you haven’t tried out yet; in particular after tip #8 you are really going to love it.

But before we start, please promise me a thing! Promise me that you won’t simply leave after reading this post.

You HAVE to take action. I’d love that, please!

Ah and I’d appreciate if you’d share this post with your friends, coz they’ll love it too 🙂

Now, let’s dive in.

#1 Leave comment on other blogs

Blog commenting has proved to be a very effective traffic generating strategy for me.

I find that the traffic I get via blog commenting is very high quality traffic. And the traffic is sticky too – meaning I get repeat, loyal visitors.

Blog commenting used to be a trick used to build back links. Even now many bloggers use it as a strategy for link building.

While it is true that you get back links while leaving a comment, you should not be commenting on blogs just for the sake of “getting” those back links.

The main purpose of blog commenting is to build genuine connections. If you put your heart into it you will reap great benefits.

Now be it for building back links or be it for building genuine connections – don’t do it for the sake of doing it!

If you read a blog post, and I assume that post is amazing – but still if you don’t feel like saying anything don’t push yourself to leave a comment – even if you are trying to build a connection.

Blog commenting can get overwhelming if you don’t do it strategically.

If you want to leave in-depth, genuine comments that add insights and value, you have to read the corresponding blog posts carefully.

And this takes a LOT of time!

You should not spread yourself too thin! If you want to gain traffic via blog commenting you should focus leaving comments on high quality blogs.

#2 Guest blog

Guest blogging is a great traffic strategy. It is one of the strategies that helped me to grow my blog to this level of authority.

I’ve written close to 400 guest posts and the I’ve got known in the blogosphere as an expert because of my guest posts.

As with any strategy (especially, traffic generation strategies) you have to be consistent with guest blogging.

Doing one guest post on a popular blog will only give you a spike in the traffic – and then you might get consistent traffic from that post – but the traffic will dramatically decrease after the initial spike.

If you want to get consistent rush of traffic, you have to be doing guest blogging consistently.

#3 Repurpose blog content

You would have heard a lot about making the most out of the content you create.

Yes, as a blogger, creating content is one of the major tasks in your business. And it is not an easy task.

PS: That’s why I’ve created a handy course to help you with great content creation for your business! Just pick it up!

Even if you blog in a niche that you are highly passionate about and even if you highly enjoy creating content, you should aim to make the most out of your content creation efforts.

Every piece of content you create is worth a lot more than you think – assuming it is GREAT quality, in-depth, and highly useful content.

Repurposing blog content is a great way to give more exposure to your content  – the kind of exposure it needs.

Any in-depth, high quality blog post can be converted to a Power point slide, a video, a pdf, an audio file – and so on. You know it!

And there are numerous platforms like Slideshare, Youtube, Author Stream etc. to distribute the repurposed content.

Repurposing the content not only helps you to make the most out of the content you created, but it also helps you to reach a lot of audience in different platforms.

Think about it for a moment – not everyone likes to read text based posts. Some people would prefer watching a video.

Some would prefer to hear a podcast. And some would like to read the post in the form of a visually appealing Slideshare.

And, while you repurpose your blog content and distribute it on those platforms, you reach a wide variety of people as opposed reaching only your blog readers if you had only the blog post published at your own blog.

Ana Hoffman has written this wonderful post on multiplying your reach by leveraging on your content marketing efforts. Worth reading!

#4  Have a highly focused content marketing strategy

Not having a content marketing strategy will make you struggle for blog traffic.

Publishing content randomly will dilute your content marketing efforts and will not give you the expected results.

You must know who your targeted audience is and you must know to whom you are writing and publishing content.

You must know to whom you are serving with your business. In short you should know your customers.

It is the only way to get more traffic. As you know not all traffic is useful traffic. In fact, if you focus on getting any kind of traffic it will be a waste of time, energy and resources.

You will be wasting your time, and energy in doing things to attract the un-targeted traffic and if that un-targeted traffic rushes to your website, it will be of no use except taking your server down or using up your bandwidth.

#5 Be active on selected social media sites

Social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like are getting more and more popular every day.

Not only because they are popular, but your target audience also hangout on social media platforms.

They could be on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter – it depends on your niche and what your audience are interested in. It is for you to find out.

Once you find that out, you have to get there too, if you want to get your audiences’ attention! We are talking about getting traffic, right?

And if you want to attract all of your potential customers hanging out on social media platforms, you got to hang out there too!

#6 Reach out and connect with other bloggers

Reaching out to other bloggers in your niche is a smart way to get more blog traffic.

However you have to make sure that you don’t connect with bloggers for the sake of traffic.  The connection should be genuine and should occur naturally.

Here’s a post I’ve written on the topic: Get more blog traffic by doing something you enjoy.

#7 Respond to comments

Responding to comments on your own blog or on others blog is a great way to generate blog traffic.

Most bloggers use a plugin that notifies the commenter whenever there is a reply to their comment.

Or if they are using a commenting system like Disqus, the person will get a notification message when you leave a reply.

And this kindles more discussion.

When people see that you’ve responded, they might come back to your site to respond to your comment or to answer your question. It depends on what kind of response you left.

#8 Email your subscribers

I seriously hope you have already started building your email list. If not, there is no reason why you shouldn’t start it right NOW.

Merely promoting your new blog posts to your subscribers is a great way to drive traffic to your website.

Assuming your blog posts are of very high quality, you should not be worried about annoying your subscribers.

But if you publish multiple posts a day on your blog, blasting every post to your subscribers will be annoying!

Sending 2-3 emails per week is OK.

If your content is highly useful, people will expect your emails 🙂Click To Tweet

#9 Become an expert

Authority blogs naturally get a lot of traffic. Why? Because, people know they can trust what they read. They know for sure that they are listening to someone who knows what he/she is talking about.

They know this particular website run by this expert will solve their problems because this expert blogger is experienced – he/she has traveled the same road already and he/she knows how to overcome this particular problem!

Being an expert also makes it a lot easier to get social shares, naturally, without much effort (word of mouth marketing).

#10 Have a beautiful, well-structured website

A beautiful, well-structured website to attract more traffic? I must be kidding, right? Nope!

We are living in a time where people DO just your website by its looks.

The internet is getting a lot visual. If your website is cluttered, clumpsy, and and has a terrible design, people won’t be convinced enough to stay on your site and pay attention to your “awesome” content.

Apart from being beautiful and clean, your website should also be well structured so your visitors are not confused!

The navigation should be neat so that your readers know what to do after they land on your site.

And, it doesn’t matter if your reader lands on a blog post (from a search result) or on your home page by directly typing in your domain name – he/she should know what your site is about without having to make 10 clicks!

Apart from attracting traffic, having a well structured website will make visitors stay longer on your site.

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If you want help in creating a beautiful, well-structured, highly converting website, we can help you!

#11 Work strategically on your traffic generation methods

I am a die hard fan of strategies. I don’t rely on tips or tricks; rather, I approach stuff strategically.

With a strategy in place you are not blindly doing things in hope of getting more traffic.

I had wasted a LOT of time during my early blogging days by doing things mindlessly.

I didn’t have a strategy in place then; but that doesn’t mean I was not working. I was working very hard to gain traffic to my website – but all my work got wasted.

With a strategy in place, you don’t work hard but you work smart and that is the key to achieving results!

You have to sit down and analyse your business goals. You have to get precise about your goals, and achievements.

How much traffic you want per month? And how much money is your target from each of the income streams you have?

Once you get clarity with your goals, it is time to devise a work plan in order to get things done in a smart fashion so you can actually achieve those goals, instead of simply dreaming about them!

#12 Pay attention to the traffic sources (Google Analytics)

In relation to what I talked above, a good strategy not only involves an action plan, but also involves analysing the current strategies and the outcome you get.

You have to periodically analyse your strategies and find out what works and what doesn’t. You have to identify your key actions that get you results.

When it comes to traffic, Google Analytics can give you quite some information (much of the information is gone now, but you still got something left).

For instance, you can identify your top traffic driving sources from Google Analytics.

You can find out which pages on your site get the most traffic. You can see what keywords bring your search engine traffic (here’s where most of the information is already gone).

You now know what areas need improvement.

#13 Optimize content for search engines

Even though search engine optimisation might sound like a scary thing, it is a very crucial thing.

Well, you might be unable to keep up with the algorithm updates rolled out by Google, very often.

You might not be able to understand what it actually means to optimise your website for search engines.

You might not understand the technical aspects involved in optimising your site – things like Sitemap, canonical urls, meta description, breadcrumbs, keywords, search volume – all these can sound too technical!

But you cannot ignore SEO just because you’re scared of it or because you don’t like it.

Search engine traffic is something that you should always have in your list of traffic sources.

Although I don’t recommend relying totally on search engine traffic, you should still work on getting search traffic.

It is because acquiring search traffic has become a lot easier these days.

You just have to create awesome content and provide value to your users, which you’d do anyway if you are serious about your business.

Plus some basic optimisation so you let search engines know what your site/page is about and stuff like that!

#14 Publish what your audience prefer

If you want to gain more traffic, you should provide what that traffic needs; or what interests that traffic.

If you are publishing blog posts that talk about what you had for breakfast or how cute your cat is, I am not sure if your audience will be interested in you.

If you publish something that interests your audience, and even more, if it is something that is highly useful to your audience and solves their problem, then they will be interested in visiting your site.

Have an “audience-centered” website rather than having a “me” centred websiteClick To Tweet

#15 Identify your target audience

In order to run a perfect “audience-centered” website, first you have to know “who” your target audience is.

  • If you don’t know whom you are serving how can you serve them?
  • If you don’t know where you target audience hang out, how can you reach out to them to let them know what you offer?
  • If you don’t know what their problems are, then how can you create solutions for them?

I can go on …

Make it your priority to identify your target audience. You have to get very precise!

#16 Publish consistently

When it comes to attracting new eyeballs to your website you have to make sure you publish fresh content consistently. The key is consistency.

If you start publishing 5 posts one week and then go without publishing for 1 month, you won’t be able to cut it!

Having regular updates will ensure your readers that they can find fresh content when they visit.

They will know that you are a regular provider of high quality content.

Note that I say “regularly” or “consistently” here instead of “everyday” or “4 times a week” – you have to pick the right frequency that suits you and a frequency that you can handle.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to publish one post a day or 5 posts a month – just do it consistently.

Having an editorial calendar is a must to make this work.

#17 Pay attention to your readers’ queries

Assuming you have already identified your target readers, you now have to pay attention to what they need help with and what they are expecting from you.

Identifying exactly what your readers’ queries are and answering them in your upcoming content is a great way to attract blog traffic.

Who doesn’t want to get their questions answered?

You can find out your readers’ queries by reading the comments on your own blog, by reading comments on your social media updates, questions on sites like Quora and the like!

#18 Over deliver

Most bloggers hold back when it comes to sharing or giving away information for free. It is  quite normal that every one wants to get paid for their hard work.

Quite reasonable!

But only when you win hearts you can attract more eyeballs, more traction and build a stronger base for your business!

However, I am not saying that you should give it away all for free. You should be creating info products and you should be doing premium service.

But the more you give away for free, the more traffic you will get.

Try it out if you don’t believe me (I didn’t believe this for quite some time – and I held back on this thought!).

Content is the new currency when it comes to running a successful website.

So when you are giving away high quality content for free, it is not “free” as such; but think about it as a way of investing a monetary value in your business to improve its quality and to gain more traction.

#19 Make an impact

Whatever you do, make an impact. Change lives. Be inspiring. Share your success and failure stories with people. Be open and honest.

Reach out and be helpful. Take the time to interact, to listen and to help out in every way possible.

If you think you are wasting your time in helping others you ARE wrong. I tell you; you are wrong.

With any business you are serving people! And you are getting paid for that service. There is transfer of value.

Don’t hesitate to give awesome value and make an impact in others’ lives. People will thank you and you will find people following you with trust and thankfulness.

#20 Don’t obsess on traffic

Is this a traffic generation tip? Yes it is! You need to stop reloading your analytics right now. You need to stop watching your real time traffic numbers right now.

And you need to focus on doing what matters the most.

Just think about it. How much time do you waste in obsessing over traffic? You could use that time to create great content!

You could use that time to learn about your target audience.

You could use that time to reach out to your audience in social media or on other blogs or blogging communities.

There is so much out there to get done. There is so much out there you could do to improve your business and make your readers happy.

Besides, if you focus on conversion, you could get a lot more results than you expect even with a very less amount of traffic!

If you focus on serving the less number of visitors you already have, it is the key to getting a lot more visitors!

Don't obsess over traffic. Focus on doing what matters the most!Click To Tweet

Conclusion on getting more blog traffic

It basically boils down to this – you have to stop hunting for traffic and do useful stuff.

You have to give first, in order to get. You have to reach out to people with a helping heart.

You have to connect with the others.

You have to offer value and be useful to an extent that it makes an impact; that it changes lives for good.

I hope you liked these no-so-popular tips to get more blog traffic!

About the Author

I'm Jane, the owner of Best Hosting And Design, where I help bloggers and website owners to create and maintain their websites. Check out the services I offer here so you can make use of them. For cutting-edge business tips, please head over to Jane Sheeba.

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Nirmala Santhakumar - September 22, 2014 Reply

Such a nice, well-written post Jane. I’m really glad that am following most of the ways which you’ve listed here to get traffic to my blog. The only thing that I’m missing is “Re-purpose blog content”, will try to follow this tactic as you said, thanks for presenting this awesome post for us.

    Jane - September 22, 2014 Reply

    Congrats on already following the tips Nirmala! Yes re-purposing is something I used to do intensively and I have recently cut down due to short of time.

    At the same time I must realize that I am not giving the exposure my content deserves 🙂

Reginald Chan - September 22, 2014 Reply


Can’t agree more with #5 on social media marketing. I used to join dozens of social media platforms and the ROI is really not good. Recently, I decided to focus and that was turning into huge authority!

Thanks for sharing this and keep it up!

    Jane - September 22, 2014 Reply

    Oh ya, spending time on too many social media sites is definitely draining! Thanks for stopping by Reginald.

Lux @ Bared My Soul - September 23, 2014 Reply

Don’t obsess on traffic indeed. 🙂
I love these practical advices.

Adrienne - September 23, 2014 Reply

Bravo Jane, bravo!

Everything you mentioned is definitely spot on and I agree with it all. Now there are a few things I don’t do a lot of on this list but I would say there are only a couple. For the most part I’m pretty up on them all.

I hate the word expert because I don’t think any of us can know everything about a certain area but I think I’ve become someone people look up to which is a very good thing.

I don’t do a lot of guest posting but I think we all have to do what works best for each of us right!

Having said that I will do better in some of the areas you’ve suggested and keep trucking along in the ones that are working great.

Great share and thank you for sharing my post. I so appreciate that.


Ali Hasan - September 23, 2014 Reply

well written post Jane, I am glad im structuring my blog as per the above mentioned tips and specially what you mention about obsession with traffic, thats so true! even less but convertable traffic can do wonders!

Sylviane Nuccio - September 23, 2014 Reply

Hi Jane,
Excellent post, and I don’t think that you’ve forgotten anything here 🙂

There are a few points that I know I need to work on more, like having a strategy, for example, which I don’t necessarily have at this point, plus life getting in the way big time for me this year, has not help with that one bit.

This coming year, I want to work more on repurposing my blog posts. This is something I’ve always liked to do, but never really make the time for it to do it constantly, but frankly, there’s so much potential in doing this that it would be a waste not too.

    Jane - October 8, 2014 Reply

    Repurposing posts is a great traffic strategy 🙂 It takes a lot lesser work (compared to creating new content from scratch) and works really well!

Amy Hagerup - September 23, 2014 Reply

Hi Jane, I am glad you listed blog commenting first because that seems to start to create relationships the best. Pretty soon, you recognize those people and what they stand for.

I used to try to guest post once a month – kept a record of it, but that has fallen by the wayside recently. Need to get back to it.

I too want to overdeliver. I am serious about providing value to people and helping them where they need help.

Thanks again, Amy

    Jane - October 8, 2014 Reply

    You are so right about blog commenting and guest blogging Amy. Blog commenting is a somewhat easier approach to making connections. But with commenting you connect with a limited number of people – say the blog’s owner and then a few fellow commenters.

    But with guest blogging your reach is much bigger. And yes, it does take a lot of effort, time and commitment 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

UnveiltheWeb - October 1, 2014 Reply

Hi Jane,

I really took seven or eight major nuggets from your article which was so well articulated. I liked your practical ideas coupled with great solutions!

I too liked that you started with blog commenting. Yes, it’s a LOT of work but it is worth it. From learning new ideas, concepts and helpful solutions to connecting with others it has been a powerful tool for my accelerated growth over the last few months.

I’m so grateful that you dealt with the whole backlink building issue. I see it as a side benefit but I do it in all earnest to connect with and get to know great bloggers such as yourself and offer a way to continue the conversation. If I learn something I always like the author to know what they taught me or how their article contributes to my thinking and my businesses.

I have not had many opportunities yet to guest blog. I’ve been asked once and accepted on but that has been it. I haven’t solicited but I feel that if an influential blogger likes what I have to say they may invite me. But, I haven’t gone looking for it.

I will say that I’m working to connect with business journalists and I’m looking for opportunities to write in all kinds of business publications both online and offline.

You really went after my heart when you spoke of strategies. Since I know you’ve read some of my work you may remember that I do speak often of the need to know what business you’re “really” in, what problems you “really” solve, who you solve them specifically for and how ones products or services are part of the solution.

Once you’ve done that, I love working through and creating the strategies to get that message out there. If you don’t have a roadmap you don’t know where you might end up and that could be a scary thing.

Then biggest key I took from the rest of your article is basically to understand networking. The give and give relationship where you comment, share and promote others. I’ve learned the more I help others the more community is organically created around me and the more they share me. Talk about a massive win-win!!!

Jane, I love your article. I’ll be sharing it out now and I hope you have an incredible week ahead still!!!!

~ Don Purdum

    Jane - October 8, 2014 Reply

    Thanks for your insights Don and I am glad the post has something new for you to take away.

    Blog commenting does take time and effort but it is totally worth it. I can say that from experience. Some days I lose track because of the lack of time – but overall, doing it consistently helps build a lot of relationships. People, in my opinion, are very important for any business and if any strategy (blog commenting, guest blogging, etc.) is helping me earn people’s relationships I’m in for it.

    Give-give – yes that’s the new currency in today’s business!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us!

Satish Kumar Ithamsetty - October 4, 2014 Reply

Well explanation for new basic and advanced bloggers. Thank you

chrismarklee - December 2, 2014 Reply

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David - January 21, 2015 Reply

Hi Jane,

Thank you for more blog traffic techniques explanation for new thoughts and advanced bloggers.

M-Minhaj - June 13, 2015 Reply

Hi Jane,
I stumbled on your blog via google.
Really an excellent article.
Getting more blog traffic is not an easy job until we follow and implement some great traffic techniques like your’s.
I think we should mind that content is always king. That’s why am getting amazing traffic on my blog.
However, Nice detailed post, every blogger should follow!
Thanks for sharing. Bookmarked!

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