How to choose a good web hosting service for blogging success

How to choose a good web hosting service for blogging success

We bloggers have lots of things on our plate, right? Content creation, marketing (in all forms), product creation, affiliate marketing, relationship building, and what not!

On the one hand we have things like the ones mentioned above that we need to do to keep our business afloat. On the other hand, there are certain things that need to be maintained at the back end – behind the scenes.

No matter how hard we work on the front end to promote our website, to keep it clean, publish high quality content and get links from authority sites, certain things that run in the background are highly crucial – without them all your front end efforts will go wasted.

Web hosting is one such aspect. Our web host is the place where we store our website’s files, so they can be available to our visitors! And there are various aspects that make a good or a bad web host.

I’ve had quite some bad experiences with web hosting – unfortunately with web hosting, you sometimes have to go through the worst 🙂

Finally, frustrated with all these, I started my own reseller web hosting business at Best Hosting And Design.

And even today, every time I buy a new server or a reseller account, I still carefully do my research since I don’t want to compromise on the quality.

Whenever I purchase anything online, I read LOTS of reviews. The problem with reviews online is that most of them are written for the sake of getting that affiliate commission.

In particular, if there is a coupon code or a discount in that review, you can be 200% sure that the review is biased, in most cases – but not in all cases.

There are still some genuine reviewers who take the pain to thoroughly investigate the product/service they are reviewing to make the review really useful for the reader.

In fact, the thing that separates a reviewer from the rest of the crowd is that they actually try out each hosting before writing the review.

Instead of simply writing a review by researching other reviews about the product, the reviews at WHSR are out of plain experience.

This sounds really cool to me. Because, it is not an easy process to sign up for the hosting services, put up actual websites on those servers, examine various aspects of the hosting and things like that. This process not only costs lot of money but also is time consuming and tiresome.

When I knew about this, I started to take their reviews more seriously :). If someone is taking so much pain to write a review, it is going to be genuine and it won’t be a biased one.

Web hosting aspects that you need to focus on to end up with a good hosting provider!

So what aspects do you need to look at when you are searching for a reliable hosting provider? Well, there are many aspects!

First many bloggers look at the pricing – in fact, it should not be given top priority because cheap hosting usually doesn’t end up as a good quality one (and the vice versa is also true – if you pay through your nose, you cannot be sure that the hosting is of top quality)!

But yes pricing is also a crucial factor because one should not end up bankrupt by choosing a very high quality web hosting service that provides various features that are of no use to the blogger.

More importantly, one should look for the speed of the server (the server response time), the uptime guarantee, the limitations of your hosting account and so on.

For instance, you should not blindly believe on unlimited offers – unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space are usually the most popular promises made by hosting companies.

Remember there is no such thing as infinite disk space – you are paying a finite amount of money and you will only get what you pay for.

You should enquire the hosting company about these limitations by having a pre-sales chat with them, so you are not surprised later!

Picking a reliable, FAST web hosting is crucial to your blogging success!

You know how much importance Google (and other search engines) are giving to website loading speed. A bad hosting server can make your loading speed terrible.

And if your site loads slow, your rankings will be VERY poor – because all search engines focus on giving their users a good experience.

If you do a search in Google and click on the website that comes up first, will you be happy if takes 29 seconds to load?

You will not only bounce back but you will also get mad at Google for putting that site up in the first position, right?

Make sure you choose a web host that has a good response time.

In addition to that you could also use a CDN service to boost your website speed. To know more about a CDN and whether you need one, please refer to this post.

The point I am trying to make is this: While you are SO busy creating content, networking and promoting, you should first take the time to analyse your web hosting company.

Are you with the right company? Do you have enough knowledge about choosing the right one? Are you on the right hosting plan?

Some companies might force you to upgrade to a higher plan for no reason. And if you don’t understand what they are talking about it is easier for them to make you upgrade!

Make sure you keep yourself educated on the jargons and some technical aspects of web hosting. You could follow this blog for such information.

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Robin Khokhar - January 31, 2017 Reply

Hi Jane,
It is true that we have to choose a perfect hosting. And Surely it is an excellent post. One must read it before buying a hosting plan.
Thanks for the great share.

Rajpal Singh - February 7, 2017 Reply

Web Hosting plays a crucial role in your blogging success. a blogger should focus on quality of hosting rather than price. page speed affects seo and user experience.

Alina - March 20, 2017 Reply

I don’t think that price should be a matter when searching for reliable and best web hosting.

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