These 5 little things missing in your blog can break your business!

These 5 little things missing in your blog can break your business

Your blog exists for a purpose, right?

There could be various reasons as to why you are having your blog. But what if lacks certain essential factors? What if your blog misses out on certain stuff and you think its OK?

Or may be you are probably neglecting those “little” things! Or may be you don’t have the time to take a closer look at your blog because you are busy building your business!

Well, there are certain essential things that you cannot ignore. Ignoring these “little” things (as you might think) is no joke.

The factors that I am going to discuss in this post are so important to the level that if you ignore them,

(i) they can break your business,

(ii) all your business building efforts will go waste and

(ii) they can totally ruin the “purpose” of your blog.

Let’s talk about those “things” right away!


There are thousands of blogs on the internet. So why should your readers read your blog? You are certainly not the only one writing on that topic – you know that.

So think about this. “WHY?” – Why should your readers read your blog?

Do you see that aspect on your blog? Does your blog stand out from the crowd? In terms of design, looks, voice, usefulness, value proposition, your approach to business?

Take a closer look at your blog and see if it is unique – in all the aspects.

You could write on the same topic that others are writing about – but the content on your blog and its positioning should be unique.

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Quality content

You are probably bored and annoyed hearing this thing over and over again. But are you really working on it? Take a good look at your site and do a content audit.

If you don’t have good quality content on your blog, it is better not to have a blog at all.

If you want help with creating great content for your blog check out my course here.

It is because you are not serving your potential customers and readers who are interested in you, if you are not providing them with the quality content they came for.

And soon you will be out of business, because people won’t find you worthy of their precious time.

On the other hand, given the changes that are happening online (in the name of SEO), the weight given to good quality content is increasing day by day.

And I love to see these changes happening – especially Google’s updates like Panda and Penguin that kick off people who have thin content and do all the nasty stuff to climb up to the top of search engine pages to get traffic.

So if you are not having good quality content, you will be kicked out of business both by people and search engines.

Do a periodical audit of your blog’s content. Delete all those pages with thin/low quality content.

Alternatively you could go back to those thin blog posts and update them to increase their quality.

Do not publish any new posts that lack quality.

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Easy navigation

Many bloggers take navigation very lightly. They don’t pay enough care or attention to it. They simply put up a standard navigation, say a category menu or a menu with all the pages they create.

But how many of us think about the actual purpose of a navigation bar or a menu? The actual purpose of your navigation menu is to help your readers navigate better on your site.

You, as the site owner, are responsible for helping your readers travel across your site in a smooth manner. It is your responsibility. You need to do it for your readers’ sake.

But you also got an added benefit for yourself there. If your navigation is poor your readers won’t know what to do after they have read a particular post.

Or they may not know what to do after they have taken a particular action.

Or they may not know how to find something they want, on your site.

Leaving a reader confused is not good for you and your business. They will bounce back and leave your site, if they don’t know how to spend more time on your website.

And you have already lost a potential customer! The whole purpose of your blog goes wasted, right? See, how a simple thing like a navigation menu can break your business?

Now look at your site and see if the navigation aspect of your site really helps people to move around your site and help them find what they want.

It is not just about the navigation menu at the top – you should also pay attention to the links you provide in the sidebar and footer of your blog.

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Call to actions

OK, so you have a blog for a purpose, right? The “purpose” could be different for different bloggers. But you do have a purpose, right?

So how are you going to get that purpose served? Your blog is a marketing tool that attracts potential prospects to your site. But then how are you going to make those prospects take action?

Call to action is the key.

You have to strategically place call to actions at the right places on your blog.

If you want your visitors to join your mailing list, you should put up sign up forms at the appropriate places.

If you want your visitors to share your blog posts, you should place the sharing buttons at the right places (and ask them to share your content).

If you want your visitors to leave comments on your blog posts and be interactive, you have to make it easier for them to leave a comment; and you have to ask them to do so, say like this:

Which of these tips did you like the most? Let me know in the comments below!

Hope you got the idea!

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I’ve kept this for the last! But this is no less important than the others. Make your blog lively by creating content that has life in it.

It is not complicated at all. Making your blog lively is not a difficult task. You could infuse “life” into your blog at various levels.

For instance, instead of running a blog behind a mask, be open and put up your face shot. Let people know the real person behind the website or a business.

Keep your “About” page lively – add some personal photos if you can – Here’s an example.

Do videos and upload them on your blog.

Write blog posts in a tone that talks directly to your readers. More importantly, don’t write for search engines; rather, write for real people! Write to solve your reader’s problems.

Put yourselves in their shoes and help them out.

Be friendly and interact with your readers in the comments (if you can handle that).

Overall, making your blog lively helps people to do business with you quite easily. If they can see the real person they don’t have trust issues; and if your content makes them feel warm and helps them to connect easily with you, they won’t have problem doing business with you.

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Take a good look at your blog now!

Well, not immediately. Before you leave, do share this post so your friends can benefit.

Also do leave a comment below letting me know which one of these were you ignoring totally (see? That’s a call to action here).

Do a content audit on your blog periodically! Content is the backbone of your blog and you should take that very seriously!

If you want me to do a detailed SEO audit of your blog, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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