How to market your business this holiday season using Pinterest?

Pinterest holiday marketing

The holidays are the time of year where people come together to catch up with loved ones, create memories, and of course, shop!

For businesses, it’s important to maximize sales during this time of year where people are ready and willing to spend money.

So, how can you attract people to take a closer look at your products? Through social media, of course.

Although Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are usually the “go-to” platforms for businesses who are trying to reach their customers, Pinterest may actually be more effective in increasing sales this holiday season. Here’s why:

75% of users buy something

There are over 100 million users currently on Pinterest, and about 75% of them have either made a purchase through the platform or because of something they’ve seen on the platform.

If you’re not currently using Pinterest, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to reach these customers.

Non-followers also see your pins

On other social media platforms, it’s very difficult to get people to see your content unless they are following you.

On some platforms, such as Facebook, it can be challenging to get your content in front of people even if they are following you.

However, on Pinterest, content is not just shown to people who are following your page.

People use Pinterest to discover new ideas, so they are constantly searching and being exposed to pins from brands and people that they are not connected with.

This helps you reach a whole new audience of people you wouldn’t be able to reach on other platforms without a significant budget.

Users stick around

The average user spends about 15 minutes on Pinterest, which means there is more than enough time for them to find you and click through to your site.

This statistic shows that users are not just scrolling through as they try to waste time at a stoplight or in line at the grocery store, but rather they are actively engaged with the site.

Now that you know the benefits of using Pinterest to market your products during the holidays, learn how to get started with this helpful infographic from Brilliance:

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