How to rename the default “Uncategorized” category in WordPress?

Tutorial to rename the default -Uncategorized- category in WordPress

If you are using WordPress to run your website, it does come with a lot of nice features in-built.

At the same time, there are quite some annoying stuff which you must edit or change before running your website as-is.

An example to this is the Permalink Structure. The default permalink structure is not very SEO-friendly and user-friendly. So you have to change it before you start publishing content on your WordPress website.

Similarly, when it comes to Categories, you have an “Uncategorized” category on a fresh WordPress installation by default.

Why should you rename the Uncategorized category in WordPress?

You can, of course, add your own categories when you decide on your content strategy. But this Uncategorized category will remain there.

The problem is, any blog post you publish will be assigned to this Uncategorized category by default.

Once you finish up on a blog post, you have to assign it to the appropriate category. If you, by mistake, forget this step, your post will be published in the Uncategorized category.

And if your webpage’s design is such that you display the appropriate categories for blog posts, having a blog post in Unpublished category makes it worse.

It gives an amateurish impression to your readers, it shows that you didn’t care enough to even assign a category to your post and it certainly isn’t good for SEO.

You can tackle this issue by renaming the default Uncategorized category!

If you rename the Uncategorized category with a Category name that most of your blog posts will use, even if you forget to assign a category to your blog posts, they will naturally be assigned to that renamed category.

And if most of your blog posts fall into that category anyway, it saves you one step in your content creation process!

How to rename the Uncategorized category in WordPress?

Login to your WordPress dashboard. Once in, hover your mouse over Posts and select Categories.

Posts Categories

You will see the list of all Categories on your blog. You will also see the Uncategorized category. Hover your mouse over it and you will see the Edit link appear.

Edit Uncategorized

Click on the Edit link. You will now be presented with the Editing page for that Category.

Edit category uncategorized

You can type in whatever you want to name this category in the Name field (highlighted in the above image).

Once done, click Update and voila!

You have successfully renamed the Uncategorized category in WordPress!

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Robin Khokhar - August 16, 2016 Reply

Hi Jane,
It is so easy, I never thought of doing this. Thanks for sharing the amazing post.
And have a nice day.

Ben - August 18, 2016 Reply

Thats quite cool actually i was searching for it and i got it felling lucky for it . I have one question can you please guide me , how to enable a comment option on my website blog page because i post blog page on my website but don’t have any comment option , actually i don’t know how to integrate it .

Shafi Khan - December 1, 2016 Reply

I’m actually laughing at myself. I never though this would be so easy. Honestly, I didn’t ever tried doing it.

Thanks for the guide.

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