Why should you enable Google AMP on your website? What are the SEO benefits?

What are the SEO benefits of Accelarated Mobile Pages (AMP)-

Accelerated Mobile Pages, also called shortly as Google AMP, are the new trend.

Given that the internet has gone a lot mobile, the number of people trying to access your website from a mobile device is increasing exponentially.

And when people access your website from a mobile device, speed is very crucial.

Unlike a laptop or a desktop, switching between applications on a mobile device is not an easy task.

Say, for instance, your reader is going through their Facebook or Twitter feed and find your blog post link and clicks on it.

If it takes more than 3 seconds to load, they are not going to wait.

May be if they were on a desktop or a laptop they will probably do something else until the page loads (though still, your readers are more likely to click the back button even in this case).

But on a mobile, they’ll just have to click back and proceed with what they were doing if they don’t like waiting; and yes they don’t like waiting by all means.

You’ll have to implement all possible things to boost the loading speed of your website. And, merely having a mobile optimised theme is not enough in this case.

This is where AMP comes to rescue.

What is AMP?

It is Google’s open source project. It uses a dedicated type of HTML called AMP HTML that serves the stripped down version of any page on your website, if you have AMP enabled.

How to enable AMP on your website?

To know more about what AMP is and how to enable it on your website, go to this post >> What is AMP and how to speed up your website using it?

If you already have mobile optimised theme and think AMP is not necessary, you should think again.

AMP uses AMP HTML, AMP JS and AMP CDN to deliver the bare bone version of your website to your readers.

AMP JS makes all external javascript to load asynchronously. And the CDN caches your optimised version of pages for faster delivery.

So when you take a look at the AMP and non-AMP version of the same page, you will find that there is a lot of compromise on the design and features, but the pages load faster – and that’s what matters in the mobile world!

Here’s the non-AMP version of a page:

Non-amp version of a web page

And, here’s the AMP version of the same page:

AMP version of a web page

What are the SEO benefits of Google AMP?

Of course, there are SEO benefits to enabling AMP on your website.

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Better search visibility

The number one SEO benefit to enabling AMP on your website is that your site could be featured in the News Carousel by Google.

Here’s what I mean. For the search term “rio olympics” take a look at the AMP pages featured on the News Carousel.

AMP Carousel Rio Olympics


Similarly for the search term “earthquake” you see the same – AMP pages on a separate featured carousel, pushing all the other results down.

AMP Carousel earthquake

And here’s another example – search term “seo news”

AMP Carousel Seo news

Isn’t that cool?

Highly improved loading speed

The loading speed of a website is certainly one of the ranking factors. And, when it comes to your mobile pages, Google certainly takes matters seriously.

Following Mobilegeddon, we cannot deny the fact that Google is giving substantial importance to websites that are mobile friendly. And speed is certainly a factor here.

If your webpages are mobile friendly and if they load faster, there is no doubt Google will prefer to rank your website higher than another webpage without these features.

It is because, ultimately, Google wants to offer the best user experience for its own customers – the people who search for information – your potential readers.

AMP makes this (mobile friendly and fast loading web page) possible.

Reduced bounce rate

Admit it. How many times have you clicked the back button when trying to load a web page, just because it took too long (more than 3 seconds!) to load?

Your readers are just like you.

If your pages take too long to load, there is no surprise that your bounce rate is pretty high! This is totally natural.

However just by enabling AMP you are eliminating that obstacle of slow loading. Automatically, your readers will be inclined to stay longer on your website.

If they come across another link inside your content, they will be more likely inclined to click on it and if that page loads faster too (it will, since you have AMP enabled), more clicking won’t be an issue.

Reduced bounce rate is a crucial factor for SEO since this gives Google a signal that people stay on your website longer, which indirectly indicates that your page is relevant, useful and fast loading.

Enable Google AMP to reap these SEO benefits and improve user experience

Enabling AMP (accelerated mobile pages) on your website is hitting two birds with one stone. You get to reap the crucial SEO benefits.

And you provide awesome user experience in the process, hence encouraging them to stay longer.

So without further thinking, go ahead and enable AMP on your website. Here’s how to do it!

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Robin Khokhar - August 10, 2016 Reply

Hi Jane,
I have seen that While using AMP pages. we can;t make comments on the blog posts. Is there this problem faced with my mobile or it is same for all.
What’s your opinion about it?
Although, thanks for sharing this amazing post.

Nevil Patel - August 28, 2016 Reply

I saw that ads are not loading when AMP version of page loads. Is there a way to bypass this and choose what to load and what not to load when AMP version of page loads?

Tony Tran - September 25, 2016 Reply

I’m planning to upgrade to AMP, but there are still two questions. Can you help me out?

1. Does the AMP version available for all users who accessed the website through mobile devices?

2. Can we implement ads like what we often did with the regular version?

From my point of view, turn website into AMP will gain a great speed for mobile users. By that, it could help us to improve search engine ranking a bit.

What do you think about this? Because website speed is one factor that affect ranking at this moment. So that’s what I thought.

Aysha Haque - November 10, 2016 Reply

Hi jane!

Really, i was not aware about the fact Google AMP before!

It seems Google AMP has effective SEO benefits and i need to implement it rightly!

Anyway, thanks for an informative article!

Keep it up!


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