Tutorial to submit your website’s sitemap to Google Search Console


Letting Google know about your website’s content is an exciting thing. After all, any website owner will be super excited to know that Google crawls their site.

And a Sitemap plays a crucial role in this aspect.

A Sitemap is nothing but a collection of links to pages on your website that assists search engine bots to crawl your site.

However don’t assume that merely having a Sitemap on your site (and submitting it to search engines) will give a boost in your rankings.

Crawling and indexing (and ranking) are two different things!

Nevertheless it is very important that you create a Sitemap and submit it to search engines in order to make sure you let search engines like Google know about your site’s content and this improves your chance of ranking in search engines.

So what is a Sitemap and how to create one?

I’ve covered this in detail in this blog post.

In this post, let’s see how to submit your sitemap (assuming you’ve already created it) to Google Search Console.

How to submit your sitemap to Google Search Console?

The first step would be to visit Google Search Console – I assume you already have signed up with your Google account.

If not, please go ahead and do so.

Once you’re in, click on the “Add a property” button to add your website. If you’ve already added your site to Search Console, you may skip this whole part.

SC Add property

You will get a popup box with a URL field in it. In the URL box, enter your website’s URL to add it to Search Console.

SC Add property 1

Now your property has been added.

On the left, you will find a module called “Crawl”. Click on the arrow on the left to it to expand. You will see a sub-module called Sitemaps.

SC Sitemaps

Clicking on Sitemaps will take you to the Sitemaps section where you can add/submit new sitemaps and can also view any old Sitemaps you already have.

To add a new sitemap, click on the “Add/Test Sitemap” button.

SC add new sitemap

If you are using WordPress SEO by Yoast to create your sitemap, then the sitemap URL will be sitemap_index.html. This is the main Sitemap, and there will be multiple Sitemaps created by that plugin.

You can either submit all of those sitemaps, or just submit the main one (recommended) and let Google find all the other sitemaps by itself.

SC add new sitemap 1

Once you’ve submitted your sitemap it is done!

SC sitemap success

You can see the submitted and indexed status of the sitemap you submitted on the same page. Also if you see any errors or warnings, you should take care of them!

You should repeat this process for as many websites you have.

And you should also submit your sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools.

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Robin Khokhar - July 26, 2016 Reply

Hi jane,
Very Nice tutorial. It is going to be helpful for the newbies.
Thanks for sharing. Have a great week ahead.

raju - July 28, 2016 Reply

sometimes,i see an error even though there is nothing wrong in sitemap,was this normal ?

karthisri - August 25, 2016 Reply

Thanks for sharing article like this. The way you have stated everything above is quite awesome. Keep blogging like this. Thanks a lot.

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