What is Thrive Architect and how can you switch from Content Builder to Architect?

What is Thrive Architect and how can you switch from Content Builder to Architect

Websites should be a fun and enjoyable process, especially when it’s your medium to showcase your business to the rest of the world.

For a professional look that appeals to all, WordPress brings you a website template that is simple yet fit with your sensibilities.

Therefore, Thrive Architect is the go-to answer for all your content and visual-based subject matter.

Made especially for business and entrepreneurship purposes, the template is clean and minimalistic yet fast and convenient to use.

Thus, there is nothing to stop you from flaunting that great idea in your head to the rest of the world.

Why is Thrive Architect the ideal choice for your website?

Business being the focus of this website template, Thrive Architect comes with some unique features that give it an edge over other website templates offering the same services –


Yes, making edits and changes is simple as that. You just need to click on something; you will be able to see the changes right away.

For moving icons and content across the page, all you need is to click, drag and drop.

Thus, your website template will work at the speed of your creative mind, churning out new and brilliant ideas every minute.

No design or coding skills required

Keeping convenience as a major issue, the website template comes with eighty awesome and conversion-based landing page templates.

This again keeps you far ahead in creating and working with professional-looking pages, sales and opt-in pages, webinar pages, product launch pages and homepages with no issues at all.

Customize at your own will

You can do away with outdated plug-ins and bring a fresh look to your website with the help of customizable buttons, countdown timers, lead generation forms and testimonials that go well with email marketing tools.

What are the features that make Thrive Architect a fun and easy template to use?

Thrive Architect tries to make your business work much less complicated and allows more creativity at every step.

No changes in content that already exists

All your previous content will remain the same as they had been before updating, saving you the time and trouble to make changes on each and every post all over again.

Creating new content

Creating new content is the fun process, where you can search for, discover and use fantastic features to give a unique touch to your professional website.

For example, “column layouts” help you to maintain the neat-and-clean look with just a click or two with equal freedom in adding, removing or resizing them as you need.

Thrive Architect-columns feature

Or choose a background spanning the entire screen for that punch, no matter what device the viewer uses to view your website.

Make your viewers go “wow!”

Show the difference between a plain old website and yours by giving a magazine look with Total Font Customization. Here you can view over 700 typeface options and custom fonts.

This makes everything you create look like a professionally-designed poster or magazine cover.

You can also go for adding hover elements to all elements or even inside a container element.

Or, you could add subtle details like rounded boxes, drop-shadow effect or customized online.

Give a new look to your old content

Revamp your previous content with these directly-editable texts, images, headlines and column layouts.

However, style elements like background sections, buttons and content boxes which have been created through Thrive Content Builder would need migration to Thrive Architect for customization.

Migration of elements is recommended only when you wish to change a document style.

However, you can only edit the text on elements like call-to-action boxes, guarantee boxes, or pricing boxes but not the style.

You also get a brand-new visual editing component. Using this, you can create opt-in forms, countdown banners, result pages and pages variations.

Nevertheless, to avail the latest visual editing interface, you need to upgrade to the latest version.

How to switch from Thrive Content Builder to Thrive Architect?

Switching from the basic Thrive Content Builder to Thrive Architect is a very simple process. And that will only take some time and lots of creativity.

So, here’s how can upgrade from Content Builder to Thrive Architect –

Enter the Thrive Themes website by logging into your account. Next, click on the Member Dashboard at the top-right corner of the page.

Thrive themes membership dashboard

You can view a list of all the Thrive products and plug-ins you have borrowed from the website by scrolling down.

From there, just go to and select “Thrive Architect” and select “Download” to start downloading the product.

Thrive themes Thrive Architect download

To install “Thrive Architect”, simply go to your WordPress dashboard and select the “Plug-ins” and click on “Add New”.

Thrive Architect install new plugin

Now, go to “Upload Plug-in” and then choose the appropriate plug-in for your website. The file would be named “thrive-visual-editor-2.0.0”, a WinRAR ZIP archive appropriate for the plug-in.

Thrive Architect upload plugin

After installing your “plug-in”, activate the plug-in as shown and add it to the list of plug-ins. Now, you can start and work with your plug-in as needed.

You can go ahead and customize your plug-in and content as per your needs. This can be done by going back to WordPress dashboard and selecting “Pages”.

Thrive Architect add new page

From there, click on “Add New”. You will now be directed to a page. There, you can enter the name of your blog post and add content.

Thrive Architect add content

Save the draft of your post. After that, click on the “Edit with Theme Architect” at the top-left corner of the page. Here you shall be given a number of options with which to customize your post.

edit thrive architect

You can edit older posts in the same manner.

Thrive Architect edit older post

To personalize your Editor, simply go to the “Themes Architect” dashboard and select the “Settings” icon at the top-right corner of the page.

Thrive Architect settings icon

Thrive Architect settings

Select the “Switch Editor Slide” from the drop-down menu at the left side of the page. You can “Turn off Save Reminders” or resize the “Settings” as per your convenience.

Thrive Architect turn of save reminders

Therefore, Thrive Architect is a fun and essential component to make your website a huge success.

For more information, do visit the Thrive Themes website to know more about the new Theme Architect and its arrival.

You can also watch the numerous tutorial videos on creating websites such as adding Custom CSS Page Events for specific purposes.

Thrive Architect custom css

With some time and practice, you will be well on your way onto becoming a successful entrepreneur with huge traffic and approval coming your way.

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