31 Twitter tools for business: How to manage Twitter like a pro

31 Twitter tools for business: How to manage Twitter like a pro

If you are into blogging or any kind of online business, social media is something inevitable. If you ignore social media completely, you will miss out a lot.

For one, a very big share of your target audience hang out on social media platforms like Twitter, Google+ and the like. Hence your presence on social media is highly crucial.

That doesn’t mean you should be all over. You can choose 2–3 social media platforms and put your promotional efforts on only those.

One of the prime social media platforms that most bloggers find useful is Twitter.

And Twitter can be completely friendly to some while totally alien to the others.

Here’s where the “tools” come to rescue.

Even to those who know to use Twitter pretty well, handling everything related to Twitter can be tedious.

These tools listed below will not only make your job easier, but will also help manage your Twitter tasks like a pro.

Let’s get started.

#1 TweetDeck

TweetDeck is the most comfortable Twitter dashboard as I find it. I’ve experimented with the others like Hootsuite, but somehow, personally I feel TweetDeck to be much better.


You can monitor mentions, notifications and have streams.

You can have a streamlined look at your Twitter accounts (yes you can add multiple accounts).

On one column, you can monitor mentions of all the Twitter accounts you have added, which is quite cool.

You can choose to add any of these column types.

Tweetdeck column types

You can also schedule tweets (with images), which I heavily use!

The app for Windows is now dead. I use it on my Mac though.

You can also use the Chrome extension if you wish.

By the way, TweetDeck is completely free.

#2 Buffer

Buffer is not solely focused on Twitter. It does a lot more than scheduling tweets on Twitter. It is a social media management tool.

You can schedule social media updates to various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and more.


But for the purpose of this post, we’ll focus on Twitter.

Buffer helps you to schedule tweets and there’s a lot more to it. You’ll have to use Buffer to experience all its benefits.

You can not only schedule tweets but can schedule them for optimal timing.

With Buffer you can shorten your links and track clicks.

I especially like the RSS feed feature where you can add feeds and have them automatically tweeted out for every new item in the feed.

Buffer operates on a Freemium model. Check out their pricing here.

#3 Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media dashboard, pretty much like TweetDeck.


On one dashboard, you can engage with your followers and collaborate with your team.

And Hootsuite is not just for Twitter, you can manage over 35 popular social networks including Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Hootsuite is a freemium tool.

#4 Twitterfeed

Twitterfeed makes automatically tweeting RSS feeds a breeze.


Simply add your blog’s feed URL (and other influencer blog’s feed URL) into Twitterfeed, add social networks and Twitterfeed will take care of automatically sending out updates to the social profiles you added.

You can watch the real the analytics on your tweets!

#5 Hashtagify

Hashtagify helps you to find and analyse hashtags on Twitter (and Instagram).


The tool will automatically suggest you popular and related hashtags.

You can find out the influencers who are tweeting that particular hashtag.

Also you can find out the usage pattern of a hashtag. You have to create a free account with them.

#6 Twilert

Twilert alerts you! Be it your brand name mention, or a hashtag or a keyword, you can choose to be alerted with Twilert.


The terms you choose for will be monitored 24×7 and alerts will be sent directly to your inbox.

Twilert is a premium tool and the Basic plan starts at $9/month.

#7 TweetChat

With TweetChat you can join any Twitter chat by simply entering the hashtag of your choice.


The interface is pretty clean and has decent features.

At the time of writing this, TweetChat is free.

But they have a “Coming Soon” notification for a pro version that promises an enhanced layer of functionality for moderators and community managers.

#8 TweetReach

TweetReach is for you if you want to dive in deep and analyse your tweets and anything else associated with Twitter.


You can not only find out what tweets did better, but also can find out why!

You can monitor hashtags, accounts, brands and events, in real time. And their analytics is beautiful.

TweetReach is not free though. Their pro plans start at $99/month.

#9 TweetStats

TweetStats is a simple interface that tells you the stats about your tweets!


All you have to do is enter your Twitter username and let the magic happen.

TweetStats will analyse your tweets and present you with nice charts – Tweet timeline, tweet density, Aggregate daily tweets, Reply rate, Retweet rate (and whom you retweet) and so on.


TweetStats is free.

#10 Klear

Klear was formerly called Twtrland. It is a platform where you can find influencers to connect with.


Klear is not limited to Twitter though; you can find influencers from Youtube, Instagram and Blogs apart from Twitter.

You get insights about the influencers you find so you can choose who you can connect with.

#11 Commun.it

Commun.it helps you to manage Twitter relationships. You can find people to connect and engage with, send and schedule auto tweets, and have cool analytics.


The tool suggests whom you should consider following, whom you are not following back and so on. You can manage multiple profiles.

The tool is free.

#12 Audiense

Audiense (formerly called Social Bro) is all about finding the right audience.


The tool helps you to discover and segment your target audience so you can market to the right people. You can also track all your marketing efforts.

The tool is not free, however you can get access to a personal account for free here.

#13 Klout

Klout helps you share original content. It suggests you shareable content.


Once that is done, it also helps you to track your retweets, likes and shares. In short, Klout helps you to create an impact online.

#14 Twipho

Twipho is all about photos in Twitter.


Once you login to your Twitter account you will find what’s happening with Twitter photos.


You will be presented with a search box once you login. Entering a search term will help you find photos on Twitter and clicking on each photo will give you the details about the corresponding tweet.

#15 Hashtracking

Hashtracking helps you to track hashtags.


The tracking is not only for hashtags on Twitter but also on Instagram.

Be it your hashtag that you created for a campaign, or someone else’s hashtag that you want to keep an eye on, Hashtracking is the tool to go!

#16 Tweepi

If you want to increase your Twitter follower base, Tweepi will help you with that!


Tweet helps you to find relevant followers. You can then retweet those people’s tweets, add them to your list or mention them to gain notification.

The dashboard clearly shows you who are not following you back, and who you are not following back so you can work from there.

Tweet has 2 premium plans – Silver ($10.75/mo) and Platinum ($20.75/mo).

#17 Keyhole

Keyhole helps you track a lot of things in real time.


You can track hashtags, a particular account, any keyword, mentions, and a URL, in real time – includes tracking on Twitter and Instagram!

Keyhole is bit pricey though (given the amount of data involved). Their plans start from $149/mo.

#18 Twazzup

Twazzup helps you to monitor hashtags, keywords or your brand name in real time.


You will have to login with Twitter before monitoring anything.

Once you enter a keyword or a hashtag, Twazzup will pull up tweets by influencers, influencer accounts, photos and links related to that keyword.

The tool is free to use.

#19 Tweriod

Tweriod is pretty useful in helping you with the right time to send out your tweet!


Twitter is quite noisy; and sometimes no one will be there to pay attention to your tweets (think odd hours); and if you tweet in the wrong time, your tweet will be lost in the sea of other tweets.

Tweriod analyses your account, your followers and your tweets and suggests you with the right time to tweet.

#20 Followerwonk

Followerwonk is Moz’s tool. And it is a wonderful analytics tool.


Followerwonk helps you to find people to connect with by searching their Twitter bios. You can also compare Twitter accounts and look for overlaps and find influencers to connect with.

You can map your connections based on location, bio, their following and so on. Following and un-following can also be done in-app.

You can use the tool for free for 1 profile and limited use. Other plans cost $29/mo and $79/mo.

#21 Twibs

Twibs is a business portal that lists more than 52K businesses on Twitter.


You can find businesses on Twitter to follow using this tool. And you can add your own business too to be featured!

#22 Followthehashtag

Followthehastag is a Twitter analytics tool. It provides you with rich, data with analysis, including historical data, heat maps, geo-analysis and much more.


The tool operates on a freemium model. You can use it for free with limited features. Their premium plans are not explicitly priced. You have to contact them to get a quote.

#23 Mention

Mention helps you to find who is mentioning your brand, CEO, your competitors, your industry and so on.


Monitoring the same will help you join interesting conversations, follow people and tap into your competitors mentions!

Mention is a premium solution and plans start from $29/mo.

#24 Cybranding

Cybranding is from the creators of Hashtagify.


This tool will provide you with in-depth analysis of hashtags in Twitter. You can use the knowledge to monitor how your competition is using and promoting hashtags, and you can create your own (and market) the smart way.

You can find influencers, understand the interests of your potential readers and much more.

They have a free plan limited to 10 hashtags, and 6 top influencers. Premium plans start at $9.99/mo.

#25 ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter does a lot to help you with managing your Twitter tasks.


Following and unfollowing people is a breeze. You can deal with about 1000 accounts in seconds since the tool will help you identify users who don’t follow you back, who don’t have a profile picture, whose account is dormant and so on.

Their “PowerPost” feature suggests you to push a tweet at the optimal time.

They have a limited access free account – that they mention will be slow and only suitable for trialing the tool. Their pro plans start at $12/mo.

#26 Trends24

Trends24 will help you identify trending topics.


The interface is pretty clumsy. But the tool gets the job done.

You can identify trending topics worldwide, or choose to go any country specific from a dropdown button.


If you are into creating content on trending topics, this tool is a great choice.

#27 Twitterrific

Twitterrific is a sleek interface that helps manage your tweets, monitor mentions, DMs and trending topics all in one place.


The tool color codes the mentions so you can quickly scan through the important ones.


The app is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

#28 Twitterfav

Twitterfav helps you automate stuff.



You can filter out unwanted tweets so you can save time. You can automate favourites, and retweets – all on your own rules.

Their pro plans start at $2.99/mo (currently on offer).

#29 Pullquote

Pullquote makes sharing quotes and images pretty easy.


You can download their extension for Chrome, or use their bookmarklet for IE and Firefox to get the job done.

The app is also available for iPad and iPhone.

#30 Nudge

Nudge helps you perform relationship managing on Twitter.


You can track all your conversations and keep them organised.


Just against every mention/conversation there will be a “Nudge” button so you can write a note and remind yourself as to how you want to continue the conversation.

#31 Grouptweet

Grouptweet helps you and your group to manage your company’s Twitter account.


With this tool you don’t have to share your (or your company’s) Twitter password with your team.

Anyone from your team can contribute or tweet from your Twitter account, without actually logging into your company account (they can do so from their own Twitter account).

The tool has a free plan which will suffice you. You might explore their premium plans if you are interested.

Use these Twitter tools and manage Twitter like a pro!

Well, I’m sure you’ll need a tool or two (or five or ten) to manage your Twitter tasks. Doing everything from the web based Twitter platform is not easy.

You will be wasting a lot of time in the process if you attempt that, plus you will be blind to many stats!

Hence it is highly recommended that you use a few tools to help you manage Twitter.

Given that Twitter is a crucial part of online marketing and social media marketing, I strongly suggest you to take a look at these tools and choose the ones you want!

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