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WordPress Vs Blogger: A Face Off

Blogging has been a contemporary craze in the 21st century. There are countless blogs over countless subjects and issues that you will come across in the World Wide Web. However, looking for the appropriate CMS system to go on with your blogging venture can be an extensive process and somewhat a dilemma, nonetheless. There are […]

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What is Bandwidth and How Does It Work?

What is bandwidth? If you are hosting your website on a server, this is an important question that you need to know the answer for! The internet has been an integral part of the world of business and commerce for quite some time now. Nowadays, the internet is becoming more and more accessible to the […]

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What is Cloud Hosting (And Cloud Computing)?

Cloud hosting is the latest trend in the web hosting market. Thanks to the advent of cloud computing, the entire I.T sector is undergoing an overhaul. Many companies and websites are offering cloud computing solutions to the needs of their customers. So it really isn’t much of a shock to see website hosting going the […]

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