WordPress Site Maintenance

You don’t have to worry about maintaining your WordPress blog and dealing with all the technical challenges. You have got a better thing to do – to build your site and to build your business. And, let’s face it – a WordPress website or a blog NEEDS to be maintained in an ongoing basis.

There are themes and plugins to be updated in the first place – having un-updated or outdated themes and plugins could make your site vulnerable to malware and attacks from hackers.

Broken links and other misbehaving elements pop up from nowhere on a regular basis.

Your database needs to be optimized regularly so you don’t bloat your site and make it slow (Google and your prospects HATE slow loading sites).

Regular backups of your site has to be taken to avoid unwanted surprises and the unfortunate risk of losing your website (I just can’t even think about it).

Do you want occasional, minor design tweaks done on your site and don’t want to pay a leg and an arm to your designer for such minor tweaks? We got you covered.

So here’s what is included in the WordPress Site Maintenance Service

  • Updating your site’s theme and plugins to keep your site safe and updated.
  • Regular database optimization to prevent DB bloating and to improve site speed.
  • Routine checks on outdated/unused plugins and scripts that could jeopardize the security of your site.
  • Regular backup of your blog (either in full or the database alone, however you prefer).
  • 1-1 High priority support with technical issues arising on your blog.
  • Occasional, minor design and HTML tweaks (for major tweaks and customization please check out our customization services).
  • Continuous ongoing help and support via email.

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