10 Mistakes you should avoid when launching a new WordPress Website

10 Mistakes you should avoid when launching a new WordPress Website

WordPress is, without a doubt, one of the most popular platforms for building a website.

In fact, this platform makes it possible to create websites that not only look amazing but function beautifully as well.

One of the reasons that have contributed to the success of this platform is that it is quite easy to use.

While it is easy to set up a new WordPress website, the fact is that it needs to be done properly. Mistakes here can lead to a number of problems down the line.

The top 10 mistakes that must be avoided when you are setting up and launching a new WordPress website are given as follows.

Selecting the Wrong Version

This is one of the most common mistakes made by beginners. The fact is that many do not know that there are two separate versions of WordPress.

They are the self-hosted version and the hosted version. While both share various features, they are significant differences between the two.

The self-hosted version can be downloaded and customized as per requirements. In other words, this is the version to choose when you complete control over your website.

The hosted version is meant for hobbyists, bloggers and others who just require a site without all the bells and whistles.

Not Removing Default Permalinks


This is another common mistake made by beginners. You need to take the time to modify the permalinks and optimize them according to SEO guidelines.

WordPress assigns a numerical URL structure to all the new pages and posts by default. As URL structures are considered as a ranking factor, you need to change them so as to improve your SEO.

In order to modify the permalinks, you will need to log into the site. Under the Settings menu, you will find the Permalinks option.

Select the option named Post name. This will cause all the new pages to have a URL with their names instead of numbers.

Watch video to know how to do it:

Not Making Use of Google Analytics


SEO is critical to the success of your site. As such, it is an excellent idea to start implementing SEO techniques as early as possible.

One of the things you can do is implement Google Analytics with your site. This will give you access to crucial details about the traffic of your site and visitor interactions.

As such, it can provide you with ideas on improving the site.

Not Using Responsive Themes

Responsive designs allows your site to be displayed well irrespective of the size of the screen.

In other words, your visitors can use any device to view your site and still enjoy the site. Additionally, responsive designs are SEO friendly.

In WordPress, you just need to get a responsive theme to implement these designs.

Using Admin as Username for your WordPress website

Security of your site should never be underestimated. By default, the username for a site in WordPress is admin. Make sure that you change this as soon as possible.

Letting the username remain admin will just make it easier for hackers to gain control of your site.

Apart from choosing a unique username, use a strong and unique password. At the same time, implement other security features.

Using Free Themes

One of the features of using WordPress is that there are innumerable themes to choose from, some paid and others free.

However, there are several reasons why you should not be using a free theme. There is always a risk of getting infected by malicious code present in the theme.

Additionally, free themes usually look generic which tends to make your site less attractive.

For, simple affordable professional WordPress themes, I highly recommend Genesis themes or Thrive themes.

Using the Default Tagline

Like the permalinks, many users forget to change the default tagline. The tagline can be said to the motto of your site.

As such, you should change it to something more suitable to your site. Like permalinks, the tagline can be useful for SEO.

The option to change it can be found under General in the Settings menu.

Watch video to know how to do it:

Using Too Many Plugins

One of the best features of WordPress is that you will get access to an extensive range of plugins. Plugins can certainly add different functionalities to your site.

However, you must avoid using too many of them. Excess use of plugins can slow down your site by a considerable margin. At the same time, it can increase the chances of conflicts.

After all, plugins are not always coded in the optimal manner. Finally, too many of them can make your site vulnerable to attacks.

Make sure that you use plugins that are actually useful and necessary.

Additionally, check that they have been made by known names to decrease the chances of getting with infected code.

No Backup Plan


You must always have a backup plan for your site. Otherwise, you may end up with a blank WordPress blog one day and no way to restore the content that was present the previous day.

A backup ensures that you will never end up with a blank site. You must never wait till the moment you need a backup to start setting things in motion.

For backing up your site, you have to options available. You can hire a hosting provider that provides regular backups as a part of their service.

Alternately, you can install a solution in your WordPress site.

Not Updating WordPress Ever


For many beginners, an update notification from WordPress either a source of consternation or annoyance. Ultimately, they choose to ignore the notification.

Make sure that this never happens. Ensuring that your WordPress is updated keeps your site free from security bugs.

Moreover, you get improved features to use. In other words, it is for the betterment of your site that you should be updating your WordPress.

Mistakes can happen. However, mistakes while launching your site can be a problem for your business.

These tips should have helped you in making sure that your WordPress website gets launched and is put on its way towards success in the smoothest manner possible.

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Robin Khokhar - November 1, 2016 Reply

Hi Jane,
Amazing post and I must say that One must not do these mistakes while starting a blog. So, thanks for sharing.
have a good day.

Nirmala Santhakumar - November 1, 2016 Reply

Hi Jane,

Nice post it is! I 100% agree with your mistakes that should be avoided by the WordPress users.

I’m not doing any of the mistakes that you have listed in this post and thus I feel good that I’m proceeding in the right direction.

Using the premium theme and the limited number of plugins are indeed needed to please the search engines.

We should also consider the security concerns and take the up-to-date backup to stay safe from the data theft issues.

Thanks for crafting the helpful post for the WP bloggers, Jane. Have a good day, today!

shivani - November 4, 2016 Reply

First-time users make plenty of mistakes when using the platform. Instead of learning from them, one must read this article before you enter the brave world of the internet and avoid these potential mistakes.

Nas - November 6, 2016 Reply

Hi, great post !

One question I have, is there an easy way to disable unwanted plugins on specific pages ?

Suraj Padmasali - November 21, 2016 Reply

I couldn’t disagree more with “No Backup Plan”.

It’s not only important to writing content or finding a way to make our blog as popular as yours. Many of us forget about backups, speed, password etc. we do this first, it’s essential.

Anyway Thanks Jane for Vivid Post.

Shafi Khan - November 21, 2016 Reply

Nice to know that I didn’t make any such mistake in my initial days. One thing I would suggest to a new blogger is to learn from others before trying a new thing. A mistake can cause your site to lose rankings or being hacked.

Great Share.

Harry Uppal - November 22, 2016 Reply

Hi Jane,
I got here through trickyenough.com and found your site an amazing one. You have shared some really good points.
Thanks for sharing.
have a great day.

Shweta - November 23, 2016 Reply

Nice blog! It’s good to know about these mistakes and surely keep these points in mind when launching the website. Thank you for posting such informative blog and keep sharing.

Karan Lugani - December 2, 2016 Reply

Responsive is the future and many people commit the mistake of not selecting a responsive theme. Google considers pages for AMP and mobile site is a crucial part of the page rankings.

One should work on a responsive theme when doing a new wordpress install. Thanks for a wonderful post Jane.

Nestor Paul - December 18, 2016 Reply

Hey thanks for giving us this tips, i agree we should lessen of using too many pkugins because it will affect the website’s liading time. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

Sammy Blackmore - January 16, 2017 Reply

Thank you Jane for this informative post. You are right about free themes. One of my employer’s startups before had made use of free themes and their website was infected by some sort of virus.

Adoria - January 21, 2017 Reply

Thanks you so much for such detailed and useful tips! I am sure that every newbie who creats a site on wordpress show look them through and implement them into real life. Personally I made a huge mistake on one of my blogs, by setting Admin as user name and hackers easily hacked my website(

Trickizm - March 26, 2017 Reply

Hey, Jane. Just WoW! Yeah, everyone make these mistakes while launching WordPress websites. Thanks for the awesome share. Keep it up good work, Jane. 🙂

Ann Smith - April 4, 2017 Reply

It’s good to know about these mistakes and surely keep these points in mind when launching the website. Thank you for posting such informative blog and keep sharing.

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